Nutrition Counseling  Nutrition Therapy  80538 Munich Knöbelstrasse 36  Ulrike Breunig Dipl.oec.troph.  

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Trainings and Qualifications

  • Studies Oecotrophologie University of Bonn, University of Munich, degree Dipl.oec.troph.
  • QUETHEB*-registration: certification to exercise nutritional therapy and counseling Reg.- No.: Q0111ET-0608
  • Specialisation in allergological nutrition therapy (German Allergy and Asthma Association DAAB)
  • Nutritionist VDOEe Professional Association Oecotrophologie
  • Further trainings in the fields of NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy


  • VDOe Professional Association Oecotrophologie .
  • DAAB German Allergy and Asthma Association
  • QUETHEB * German Society of qualified qualified nutritional therapists

* The QUETHEB registration is considered proof of qualification for the exercise of nutritional therapy and nutritional counseling, also in accordance with the common and uniform spheres of activity and criteria of the central associations of the health insurance companies to implement the §20 Abs. 1 and 2 Sozialgesetzbuch V. a verified training as a nutritionist, diploma Oecotrophologe, dietician or doctor, additional qualifications, professional experience and regular continuing education measures are strict requirements for registration at the German Society qualified nutritional therapist - QUETHEB. The professionals commit themselves to be independent and product-neutral consulting, ie advising them without product advertising and / or coupling a product sales.They operate any commercial distribution or sale of diet products and / or dietary supplements.Services of QUETHEB-registered professionals are subsidized by health insurers.