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Clever Eating starts in the mind.

There is a lot of knockledge about food and eating und yet the questions arises: "Why do we often do things of which we know that they are not good for our health? And why do we not do other things about which we exactly know that they would be good for our health?

It is revealing to take a look at the mental control prcesses that are connected with our eating habits. These processes are crucial for our behaviour and for many physical processes.

Have you ever wondered how our society actually treats health and nutrition issues?

If you take a closer look, it is striking how problem-oriented these issues are communicated. However, if we consider only the problem side, it is difficult to develop solution strategies with which we can replace unhealthy behaviours permanently by new healthy behavioral habits.

Especially in the field of nutrition - it is all about familiar and stable patterns of behavior which we already learned as a child in the familiy. In Addition we are influenced regularly by a profit-oriented food industry. This industry helps, that our food is held poor in nutrients and us, the consumers, hungry. With various colourings and flavourings and other technologies the impressions should be awoken - conscioulsy and unconsciously - that we are eating something healthy.

It is known that our eating behavior is individual and usaually unconsciously controlled. So that we can change these habits lon term, we need reliable strategies, which we can apply permanently. Hence, beside pure content knowledge, effective methods are also necessary to release us from the influence of obsolete beliefs and behavior pattern.

Therefore, a successful nutrition strategy is more than the sum of nutrients in food.