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Nutritional therapy. Reduce discomfort today. Live better tomorrow.

Nutrition therapy is aimed at people with a doctors allocation. Statutory health insurance support the participation in a nutritional therapy. Bonus nutrition therapy.

Nutrition therapy is based on an individual nutrition plan involving private and professional conditions of the patient. Special consideration is given to the personal quality of life with the aim to maintain or improve this.

Nutrition therapy is an important support for the following disorders and metabolic disorders (according to §43 SGB)

   stomach- and intestinal diseases

   food allergies

   food intolerances

   celiac disease (children, adults)

   chronic obstrucitve pulmonary disease (COPD)

   overweight / obesity


   eating disorders

   bariatric surgery

   liposzctuib at Lipoedema

   heart and circulatory diseases

   high blood pressure (hypertension)

   diabetes type 1/2

   insulin resistance

   polycystic ovary syndrome


   burnout / depression

   gout / increased uric acid leve

   rheumatic diseases

   thyroid disease