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Funding / Reimbursement by health insurance.

Statutory health insurance

§ 43 SGB: Nutrition therapy with medical assignment                   

Its purpose is to assist in nutrition-related diseases, which are influenced by diet. Requirement for a cost-sharing is a medical indication as well as a recommendation of an individual nutrition counseling / therapy by the treating physician.

Form medical assignment.

Upon presentation of a medical assignment statutory health insurances usually subsidize max.5 consultations with about 150 euros funding - usually 40 euros for the first consultation (60 minutes) and 30 Euro for subsequent consultations (30 minutes). BKKs sometimes refund 80-100% of the costs.

Statutory health insurances reimburse some of the costs if the service provider meets certain requirements, such as studying Oecotrophologie with registration at the German Society for qualified nutrition therapist QUETHEB. My trainings and qualifications are recognized by the public health insurance and are supported.

Private insurance  

Reimbursement depends on your collective agreement. You can ask for a calculation of the nutrition therapy to submit to your insurance.