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Nutrition therapy in overweight / obesity.

The most common reason for weight gain in the Western world is an increased energy intake with lower energy consumption. Unfavourable nutrient combinations and wrong distribution of the meals facilitate overweight and obesity.

Obesity in turn is responsible for many other diseases (metabolic syndrome), which can be fatal in some cases. Weight gain my also occur in some hormonal disorders and metabilic disorders and should be treated medically.

Course of nutrition therapy

Become lighter in an easy way.

You want to become lighter and you are looking for qualified individual advice that suits your likings in eating, that considers your style of eating and your metabolic situation? Anyone who wants to lose weight is eating differently. The concept is referred to the client`s personal situation and it provides a personalized way to lose weight.

1. Nutrition analysis - metabilic condition, metabolic factors

There are several factors that determine whether your diet should be fat modified, stressed in proteins or be low in carbohydrates. The nutrition diary enables a specific analysis of how and what is eaten. This analysis is the basis of the nutrition coaching. The goal is, that you reach your desired weight in a good mood.

In the analysis, the following data are included:

  • eating type, metabolic situations, blood work
  • living and working conditions
  • stress and sleep patterns
  • physical activity
  • body measurements

2. Metabolic-related eating plan

The goal of the nutrition plan is always burning fat and sparing of body protein, i.e. to avoid loss of water ans muscle mass (yo-yo effect). Adapted to the nutritional analysis you will receive your personal food list and your plan.

Your benefits:

  • considering your everyday situation and your social circle
  • flexibility in out-of-home consumption
  • preserving enjoyment in eating
  • structuring and clear guidance
  • nutritional security through balance

3. Consulting period

You will be advised and supported in individual sessions. The consulting period depends on the goal you want to achieve.

4. Consulting contents

In each appointment your are equipped with the knowledge of nutrition that fits your personal nutritional strategy.

Key topics include:

  • effects of varioius nutrients on metabolism
  • understanding of your own eating biography
  • eating out in the right way
  • analysis and regulation of eating behaviour; flexible control while eating and enjoying
  • diet planning including cooking and shopping behaviour
  • reflection on your private consumerist behaviour

You will receive documents for reading at home.

5. Keep it rolling

The program ist not aimed at a quick weight loss, but a long-term improvement of living habits in the areas of eating and exercise. Weight stabilization is so important as slimming itself. The concept provides specific skills in order to maintain the achieved weight.