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Nutrition therapy at underweight.

If weight loss happens unintentioned, the cause of it might be a disease. A morbid weight loss itself can lead to anorexia.

Typical diseases for weight loss are:

  • chronic consuming diseases such as cancer, AIDS, COPD
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • diabetes type 1
  • malnutrition
  • persistent diseases of stomach, intestinal tract or pancreas
  • chronic cardiac insufficiency
  • eating disorders

Course of nutrition therapy

The individual consultation begins with a detailed medical history. We look at health parameters, the lifestyle (sports, leisure activities) and stressors in family or at work and the current eating situation. A seven-day food record forms the basis of the nutrition therapy.

For most of the underweight people it is rather difficult to gain weight. Each client has his or her own individual problems. Often they become only clear during the consultations. Some can eat only little, because they quickly feel full. Others don`t think eating as something important or they have simply not learned to take care of themselves. Therefore individual counseling is necessary.

Nutritional recommendations depend greatly on the cause and the everyday situation of the person concerned. The goal is healthy weight gain. Therefore, the calorie intake is increased slowly and usually gradually. Based on dietary records it is checked to what extent an adequate energy and nutrient supply is ensured.

Clients are given practical tips, which can be easily implemented in the everyday life.

The nutritional therapy requires at least 5 consultations à 45 minutes. It would be ideal, if the gained results could be stabilized in 4-5 additional sessions à 30 minutes.